Measurement & Geometry


AAA Know Time Games

EZ School-Math Time, number patterns/sequence, shapes, even odd, ordinal numbers

Smiley Clock- Scroll to the bottom to see the game

Beginning Telling Time BGFL.Org

Bang on Time

Time to the hour

Time to the 1/2 hour

Time to 5 minutes

What time is it?

Clockwise- BBC

BBC-Clock Works

Hickory Dickory Clock

Telling Time to the Hour-Harcourt

Days and Dates-Harcourt

Telling Time to the Half Hour-Harcourt

Willy the Watchdog-Telling Time Harcourt

Elapsed Time: Minutes/Hours- Harcourt

Telling Time-Harcourt

Time to the Minute-Harcourt

Understand Time-Harcourt

Telling Time KinderWebGames

Measurements Measurement

BBC Harbor Measurements

MH- on-line Activities- click on ch 9 measurements

Find the Perimeter

Area and Perimeter Shape Surveyor


Poodle Weigh In- PBS

Explore Measurements-Harcourt

Longer and Shorter-Harcourt

Length Strength-Inches

Length Strength-Centimeters

Length Strength-Estimate and Measure Length

Weight of Objects-Harcourt

Pounds-Sort by weight-Harcourt

Ounce and Pound-Sorting-Harcourt

Which Tool?-Use the correct tool to measure-Harcourt

Area-Tile the Floor-Harcourt

Geometric Shapes


Match the

Shape Sorter-Primary Games

1st and Up

Solid Figures Matching Game

EZ School-Math Time, number patterns/sequence, shapes, even odd, ordinal numbers

MH- on-line Activities- (2 games) click on ch 10 geometry & solid/plain figures

Dam Jammer- basic shapes, combine shapes, flips & turns

Primary Games-Count the Cubes


Plane Figures Buzzing with Shapes-Harcourt

Plane Figures Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns-Harcourt

Plane Figures Tile the Floor-Harcourt

Shape Lab-BBC

Shape Space-BBC


Using Congruent Figures

Plane Figures Match-Harcourt

Match Geometric Figures with the lease amount of moves-Harcourt

Solid Figures-Loading Shapes-Harcourt

Solid and Plane Figures-Harcourt

Solid Figures-Harcourt

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