Number Sense

Place Value & Numbers


Online Count On

ABCYA-Counting Fish

Funbrain Dot to Dot Counting

Counting by 1's Oswego

Funbrain Dot to Dot Counting by 5s

Counting by 5s Oswego

Counting by 10s Oswego Spooky Sequences

1st and Up

AAAKnow-Number Games


BBC-Safari Units-Place Value

BBC-Forest Ordering

BBC-Adventures Sequences

Number Track- number sequencing

Harcourt- Number Games from Number Identification to Ratios & Percents

Shark Pool-place value blocks

Shark Numbers- place value blocks up to 59

Compare Numbers- place value to 10,000

Mucky Monsters- more/less number compare

Rabbit Words- more/less number compare adding/subtracting to a number

Tumbletown Mathematics- general game that provides multiple skills.  coins, adding, perimeters, fractions, and sequencing

MH-100s, 10s, & 1s

Place Value Golf- Help a golf make a hole in one by answering which digit is in the 10s, 100s, or 1000s place value and which number represents the expanded (word) form. Has a timer & a score. Choose level 3 for 2nd grade.

Base 10 Game- Make the number on screen by dragging the cubes on to the mat. Choose 10s or 100s.

Expanded Notation/Form- Explore making numbers with expanded notation.

Compare #’s- Play against the computer. Using a deck of cards make the biggest # you can (to 10,000) and then decide which number is bigger. Audio & visual prompts/directions.

Fishy Numbers- Order numbers Fishy Numbers up to 1000. Choose easy or hard. Gives a score.

Aces Up- Ranking of cards 2nd-4th.

Ten Frame- Thinking about numbers using frames of 10 can be a helpful way to learn basic number facts. The four games that can be played with this applet help to develop counting and addition skills.

Make Really Big Numbers-PBS Kids

Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division Facts

BBC Number Pyramid (addition/subtraction)

Dude’s Dilemma Math Games-  Reviewing simple addition and subtraction facts.

Many Harcourt addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication Operations Games

Math Blox- add/sub/multiplication facts

Funky Mummy- addition facts to 10+10

Funbrain Baseball

That’s a Fact- timed game

Math Magician- Facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Times Table Grid- multiplication facts

Spacey Math- addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division

Tumbleweeds Math Maze- add/sub./mult. facts, easy= 1-dig, medium= 2-digit, hard = multiplication

Add em Up- K-2 Add the numbers, and click on the correct answer.

Arithmetic Games- 3-4

Arithmetiles-1-4 Operations

2 dig Add/Sub up to X5-Crickweb UK- Select the skill to study.

Fact Dash- McGraw Hill Facts Practice    

Save the Apples- subtract 2-digit w/regrouping (select level:hard 2nd)

Leon Math Movies- counting, addition up to 2 digit, subtraction  up to 2 digit, multiplication to 2 digit, and division

Math Practice- counting, addition up to 2 digit, subtraction  up to 2 digit, multiplication to 12, and division

Simple Way to Learn Times Tables

Math Minute Mash- Add, subtraction, multiplication, and division fact practice. Multiple resources, games, and activities for learning your times tables.

Mission Times Table Challenge Games

BBC Camel Times Table

Meteor Multiplication-

Multiplication Test

BBC Division Mine

Add/Subtract 3-Digit Numbers                            

Tic-Tac-Toe Add

Estimation Addition Quiz

Estimation Addition Quiz 2

Tic-Tac-Toe Subtract

MH-Add/Subtract 3-Digit Numbers

3-Digit Subtraction w/out Regrouping

3-Digit Addition w/o Regrouping

Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers- fractions game

Odd/Even Numbers

The Dragon’s Eggs- odd/even game

ABCya Comparing Values


Find Grampy- fractions game

I Know That- great fractions game

Fishy Fractions- fraction picture match, comparing, equivalent, goes into harder concepts for upper grades

Math Playground- Many different fraction games

AAA Math-Fractions

Harcourt-Fraction Matching Game


Coin Memory Game

Cash Out

On the Farm

Coin Combo- good for making coin amounts

Change Maker

Money Workshop- id & count, add money sub. money

Monkey Money Mayhem- money match, count to $1, $2

Money to Build a Robot-Harcourt

Counting Money-Harcourt

Comparing Money-Harcourt

Match Equivalent Sets of Money-Harcourt

Add Money-Harcourt

BBC-Igloo Shopping

Equivalent Coins IXL

Equivalent Amounts of Money IXL

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